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June 2013

First Annual Stone Tournament hosted by OKCD.  The students of OKC Dallas and OKC Latana competed in kata, kumite, weapons and "speciality".

VIdeo of the event. tournament june 2013

October 2012

The OKCD Tournament Team strikes again… All the students did great at the tournament! 


The competition was very strong in all age groups, and our Karateka competed against others who train year round for competition.  All of our competitors displayed great sportsmanship, strong spirit, and excellent technique.  We are extremely proud to have them representing the Okinawan Karate Club.  A very special thank you goes to Senseis Lia, AC, and Wayne for all their work in coordinating and preparing the competitors. 


shotokan karate tournament oct 2012


The following are the events they competed in and overall placements:


Irving Marmorego – Individual Kata - 3rd Kumite - 2nd Team Kata

Jonathan Marmorego – 3rd Individual Kata – Kumite - 2nd Team Kata

Joseph Jones – Individual Kata - 3rd Kumite - 2nd Team Kata


Blake Reyna – 2nd Individual Kata - 2nd Kumite, 1st Team Kata

Kylan Strauss - 2nd Individual Kata - 3rd Kumite

Kolton Strauss – Individual Kata

Chase Morrison - 2nd Individual Kata - Kumite - 1st Team Kata

Manav Hegde – Individual Kata - Kumite

Nicholas Salazar – 3rd Individual Kata - 1st & 3rd Team Kata

Pierce Savage – Individual Kata - 3rd Team Kata

Noah Temer – Individual Kata - 3rd Team Kata


Team Kata (Advanced Division)

OKC Fire - 2nd place - Irving, Jonathan & Joseph


Team Kata (Novice Division)

Lantana Lightning – 1st - Nicholas Salazar, Chase Morrison, Blake Reyna

Lantana Thunder – 3rd – Nicholas Salazar, Noah Temer, Pierce Savage




 Shotokan Tournament 2007 

To see the pictures click here  



2007 Shotokan Tournament


Hosted by


Sensei Ricardo Yip of JKA of Dallas


Congratulations to the OKC TOURNAMENT TEAMS


TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS:  Wayne Murphy, Donna Mullett, Arrash Pirasteh & Jackie Pinson


Okinawan Karate Club of Dallas:


ADULT:  Cherin Escher


YOUTH:  Desirae Arriaga, Jayda Arriaga, Ricardo Avila, Alexis Delgadillo, Sohyla Escher, Wis Escher, Giselle Martinez, Stacy Martinez, Uri Mora, Margaret Siu & Victoria Siu.  


Okinawan Karate Club of Arlington


Tournament Director:  Jackie Pinson


YOUTH;  Leslie


Okinawan Karate Club of Dallas II / Arrash's Little Dragons


Tournament Director:  Arrash Pirasteh


YOUTH:  Hannah Pirasteh, Bardia Nikourazm





Desirae Arriaga 9 Yellow Belt-1st Kata / 2nd Kumite

Jayda Arriaga-7 Yellow Belt 1st  Kata / 2nd Kumite

Ricardo Avila 8 Green Belt-1st  Kata / 3rd Kumite

Alexis Delgadillo 8 Green Belt-3rd Kata / 3rd Kumite

Sohyla Escher 10 Yellow Belt -Kata / 2nd Kumite

Wis Escher-8 Yellow Belt 2nd Kata / Kumite

Giselle Martinez 9 Green Belt-2nd Kata / Kumite

Stacy Martinez 7 Green Belt-2nd Kata / Kumite-

Uri Mora 9 Green Belt-3rd Kata / 2nd Kumite

Margaret Siu 9 Yellow Belt-Kata / 3rd Kumite

Victoria Siu 10 Green Belt- 4th Kata / Kumite

Hannah Pirasteh 10 Yellow Belt -Kata 1st

Bardia Nikourazm - 3rd Kata / 4th Kumite

Leslie - Kata / 1st Kumite



Cherin Escher -Kata 2nd / Kumite 1st

Youth Team Kata

Desirae Arriaga, Jayda Arriaga, Wis Escher, & Soheyla Escher-2nd






Hosted by 

Academy of Classical Karate  Richardson (Brody Burns Sensei and Darrin Free Sensei)
 & Traditional Karate-do Organization AAU Arlington Ivan Lewis Shihan


Congratulations to the OKCD TOURNAMENT TEAM (winning 42 medals) and raising around $525.00 for the Hurricane Kartrina dojos.


TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS:  Wayne Murphy & Donna Mullett


Photography by Flora, Sally (from OKC Arlington) & Ilene


ADULTS:  Wayne Murphy  John Mascio  Todd Sherry  Katherine Gulliam  Sherry Lewallen  Charles Maddox  Scott Kimray   Jeff Welsh


YOUTH:  Kevin Guzman  Stern Smoger McGee  Vanessa Moreno  Brian Guzman Ryan Luevanos  Caleb Luevanos  Jake Canelakes  Elizabeth Canelakes       Nicole Canelakes  Jason Guzman


Caleb Levanos - Kata Gold / Kumite Gold  / Team Kata  2nd place
Ryan Levanos - Kata Silver  / Kumite Bronze  / Team kata  2nd Place
Nicole Canelakes - Kata 3rd  / Kumite 2nd                                ElizabethCanelakes - Kata 2nd / Kumite ?
Jake Canelakes - Kata 3rd / Kumite 3rd
Kevin Guzman - Kata 3rd / Kumite 3rd / Weapons Kata 3rd / Team Kata "Flaming Dragons" 1st
Brian Guzman - Kata 2nd / Kumite 2nd / Team Kata "Flaming Dragons" 1st
Jason Guzman - Kata 2nd / Kumite 2nd
Vanessa Moreno - Kata 2nd / Kumite 3rd /  Team Kata "Panthers" 2nd
Stern Smoger Mcgee - Kata 1st / Kumite 1st  / Team kata "Flaming Dragons" 1st
Scott Kimray - Kata 3rd / Kumite 3rd / Team Kata "Rising Phoenix" 2nd
Kathrine Gilliam - Kumite 3rd / Advanced Kumite 3rd
John Mascio - Kata 3rd / Weapons Kata 3rd
Sherry Lewellen - Kata 3rd / Kumite 3rd / Advanced Kumite 3rd
Charles Maddox - Kata ?
Jeff Welsh - Kata 2nd / Kumite 3rd
Todd Sherry - Kata 3rd / Weapons Kata 2nd / Team kata "Rising Phoenix" 2nd
Wayne Murphy - Kata 2nd / Weapons Kata 1st / Team Kata "Rising Phoenix" 2nd
Youth & Adult Team Kata

Wayne Murphy, Todd Sherry, Scott Kimray "Rising Phoenix" 2nd

Kevin Guzman, Stern Smoger McGee, Brian Guzman "Flaming Dragons" 1st

Vanessa Moreno, Ryan Luevanos, Caleb Luevans "Panthers" 2nd


 To see the pictures  click here.






2004 Shotokan Tournament

Hosted by JKA & Brad Webb Sensei


Congratulations to the OKCD TOURNAMENT TEAM!


TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS:  Wayne Murphy  Constance An  Edi Peterson


ADULTS:  Wayne Murphy  John Mascio  Marcus Guthrey  Edi Peterson  Constance An  Charrie Mascio  Sean Robinson  Katherine Gullium  Nicole Wilbur  Sherry Lewallen   Rajesh Chathapuram  Ariel Guthrey  Apurva Natraj  Terry Steckert 


YOUTH:  Christian  Kevin  Connor Vanessa  Stern  Dylan  Roberto  Mauricio  Ashley  Jason  Dickson 


(Photography by Sean Deuby & Ilene Smoger)


To see the pictures click here.


 Wado Karate 2003



Wado Karate Tournament, Plano, Texas


Suzuki Cup * December, 2003


Tournament Director:  Wayne Murphy (assisted by Michele Elefante)


Youth Karateka

Conor            2nd Kata 4th Kumite
Elishia           2nd Kata 2nd Kumite
Jack             3rd Kata
Mason            3rd Kata
Laura             1st Kata
Vanessa          3rd Kata
Kevin             1st Kata 1st Kumite
Edgar            3rd Kata 4th Kumite
Stern            3rd Kata 3rd Kumite
Phillip            1st Kata 3rd Kumite
Dylan             3rd Kata 2nd Kumite
Jazmin           4th Kata and Kumite
Jason            4th Kata and Kumite
Rogelio           4th Kata and Kumite

Adult Karateka:

Constance        1st Kata
Janice           3rd Kumite
Chris             2nd Kata 1st Kumite
Ariel             2nd Kumite
Edi               3rd Kumite
Rajesh           1st Kata 2nd Kumite
Todd             2nd Kata

Women's Advanced Team (Ilene, Donna, Michele) Kumite Suzuki Cup

Novice Team (Ariel, Rajesh,Trey)  Kata 3rd         Non Advanced Team (Edi, Chari, Sherry)  Kata 2nd
Advanced Team (Sean, Wayne, Marcus) Kata 3rd   Advanced Team (Ilene, Donna, Michele) Kata 2nd                                 




 Shotokan Tournament 2003 (Mansfield, TX)



Tournament Director:  Sensei Jorge Decena


OKCD Tournament Directors:  Wayne Murphy / Michele Elefante


To see the pictures click here. 


Shotokan Tournament (Sensei Jorge Decena) in Arlington June 14, 2003 Results


Youth division:
Laura S.    3rd in Kata
Cordell M.  Spirit Medal for punching drill
Kevin G.    1st in Kata,    3RD in Kumite
Martha G.   3RD in Kata,    2ND in Kumite

Adult division:
Sean R.     3RD in Kata,    2ND in Kumite
Sherry      3RD in Kata,    1ST in Kumite
Edi P.      3RD in Kata,    2ND in Kumite
Arrash P.   3RD in Weapons 
Wayne M.    2ND in Kata,    2ND in Kumite     2nd in Weapons