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October 2012

The OKCD Tournament Team strikes again… All the students did great at the tournament! 


The competition was very strong in all age groups, and our Karateka competed against others who train year round for competition.  All of our competitors displayed great sportsmanship, strong spirit, and excellent technique.  We are extremely proud to have them representing the Okinawan Karate Club.  A very special thank you goes to Senseis Lia, AC, and Wayne for all their work in coordinating and preparing the competitors. 


shotokan karate tournament oct 2012


The following are the events they competed in and overall placements:


Irving Marmorego – Individual Kata - 3rd Kumite - 2nd Team Kata

Jonathan Marmorego – 3rd Individual Kata – Kumite - 2nd Team Kata

Joseph Jones – Individual Kata - 3rd Kumite - 2nd Team Kata


Blake Reyna – 2nd Individual Kata - 2nd Kumite, 1st Team Kata

Kylan Strauss - 2nd Individual Kata - 3rd Kumite

Kolton Strauss – Individual Kata

Chase Morrison - 2nd Individual Kata - Kumite - 1st Team Kata

Manav Hegde – Individual Kata - Kumite

Nicholas Salazar – 3rd Individual Kata - 1st & 3rd Team Kata

Pierce Savage – Individual Kata - 3rd Team Kata

Noah Temer – Individual Kata - 3rd Team Kata


Team Kata (Advanced Division)

OKC Fire - 2nd place - Irving, Jonathan & Joseph


Team Kata (Novice Division)

Lantana Lightning – 1st - Nicholas Salazar, Chase Morrison, Blake Reyna

Lantana Thunder – 3rd – Nicholas Salazar, Noah Temer, Pierce Savage