The Okinawan Karate of Dallas teaches Modern Arnis.   Guru Bruce Jenkins of Moroland Martial Arts is head instructor of the teaching Arnis program.

(The Okinawan terminology for the two sticks is Ni Tanbo.  Some Okinawan Karate Club of Dallas members also learned one kata called  Ni Tanbo form from Kyoshi Douglas Perry of the Shorinkan Karate system)

We are no longer having scheduled classes in Arnis.  Students who want to train in Arnis should talk to Frank Sensei.



Arnis Booklet (click here for a pdf document)

For all Rank Requirements (click here for a pdf document)

 ======  Moroland Ranks Structure =======

Combat Application Technician # 1:

Combat Application Technician # 2:

Combat Application Technician # 3:

Combat Application Technician # 4:

Combat Application Technician # 5:

Combat Application Technician # 6: (Basic Instructor/Technical Advisor Apprentice).

Combat Application Technician # 7:

Combat Application Technician # 8:

 Combat Application Technician # 9:

Combat Application Technician # 10 (Technical Advisor):

OKCD ARNIS Basic Modern Arnis set #1 (Novice)
1. 12 Basic strikes
2. 12 Basic blocks
3. 12 Basic Disarms*
4.  3 Basic wrist locks (reach, grab, parry-catch)
5.  Double Stick, Single striking techniques (head-leg, head-leg-head,etc.)
OKCD ARNIS Basic Modern Arnis set #2 (Advanced)
1. Double Stick, Double stick striking techniques:
    Heaven Six
    Six Count
    Rhodonda (Heaven Six)
    Rhodonda (Six count)
    Reverse Rhodonda
    Eight Count
2.  Leg Locks:
     Side (L/R)
     Ankle (L/R)
     Back (L/R)
3.  Brush-Grab-Strike:
4.  Flow
OKCD ARNIS Basic Modern Arnis (Advanced)
1. Advanced striking Styles (Corto-Obniko,Largo-Obniko, floretee, Bandi-Bandi, Palus-Palus, Tapi-Tapi,etc.)
2. Flex-ible Weapons
3. Basic 12 Strikes set #2 (strike thru)
4. Mulitple Attackers.
5. Praying Hands.
6. Single Knife Dis arms, "Hand to knife". (static, ice pick, 1-12 )
7. Basic 12 Blocks(Single Stick) Set #2.
8. Silat Entires (empty hand,stick,dagger).
9. Small Circle Jujitsu Applications (empty hand, stick, dagger).
OKCD - Moroland Monthly Arnis Workshop
The last Friday of the month there is an OKCD Monthly Arnis workshop.
In this wokshop we focus in-depth on specific Arnis subjects/Techniques.
  • Staff Fighting(Sabot-Chinese,Arnis,OKCD)
  • Cane Technques(Silat, Arnis, Small Circle Jujitsu, OKCD).
  • Weapon Striking Techniques (Arnis,Kali,Escrima,Silat).
  • Wu Ying Tao Karate (Footwork, Strikes, Blocks, etc.)
  • Fighting Mujltiple Atackers (Arnis, Silat, Small Circile Jujitsu, OKCD, Wu Ying Tao)
  • many many more.....
Moroland and OKCD Guest Instructors (Local/International)
1.  Arnis -  (Master Gabriele Roloff), Germany
2.  Kali   -  (Guro Laura Holmes),  Canada
3.  Kenpo/Krav Maga -  Sensei Darin Fansler,  Colleyville Kenpo
4.  GungFu/JKD/Kali -  Guru Wylie Mitchell , Texoma Martial Arts, Sherman Texas
5.  GungFu/JKD/Kali/Combat Tai Chi -  Guru Darrell White, Texoma Martial Arts, Durant Oklahoma
5.  and more ......