Single Nunchaku Basics Strikes 

  1. Spin in front downward, catch under arm in front

  1. Reverse spin, catch under shoulder

  1. Hit front waist, catch behind back

  1. Swing under groin from behind, catch in front

  1. Swing under groin in front, catch behind

  1. Catch around neck

  1. 45 degree horizontal strike

  1. Figure 8 downward

  1. Figure 8 upward

  1. Roll over wrist

  1. Swing above head, catch above head

  1. Punch, catch on side

Single Nunchaku Basic Blocks

  1. Both the nunchaku together and block with them

  1. Horizontal block above the head or any direction

  1. Side block

  1. Front block

  1. After block, catch, wrap around technique