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OKCD Arnis Training program: (Introduction)

Arnis History (from Remy Presas):

(Taken from the “Modern Arnis the art of stick fighting” book by Remy Presas)

The origins of Arnis are difficult to trace, primarily due to there being nearly as many styles of Filipino stick fighting as there are islands in the Philippine archipelago --- more than 7000! The races that settled in these islands came from India, Southeast Asia, China and Indonesia. These diverse races and cultures blended their heritages over the centuries, producing a common method for employing sharp swords, daggers and fire-hardened sticks in combat.

One of the earliest known forms was called tjakalele (Indonesian fencing). Kali is another term familiar to stick fighters around the world. Escrima is another form of sticking fighting that goes back in history to the invasion of the Philippines by the Spanish. The Spanish invaders required guns to subdue their fierce Filipino opponents. The deadly fighting skills of the Filipino warriors nearly overwhelmed them and they dubbed the native stick style Escrima (skirmish). After conquering the Filipinos, the Spanish outlawed Stick fighting. This caused the Filipinos to have to practice late at night or in performances that looked like theatrical plays.Arnis came from the word arnes. The arnes (the armor worn by the Spanish during medieval times) was used during plays put on by the Filipino to practice stick fighting during their occupation by the Spanish.

For more information regarding Arnis history per Remy Presas, please read a copy of his book “Modern Arnis the art of stick fighting” published by Black Belt Books.

 OKCD Previous Arnis History:

Over the years, OKCD has and will continue to have, many great Arnis instructors come to the dojo and teach seminars\workshops to the OKCD members. This is another fine example of the great OKCD leadership and spirit of allowing martial arts instructors from other styles to come into the dojo to train with their students. This diversity allows the OKCD students the ability to train in multiple styles if they choose, which in turn allows them more opportunity to become a well-rounded martial artist.  

Moroland Martial Arts History:

Moroland Martial Arts system was founded on December 30th, 1993 by Captain Pedro Alvaran, Filipino Resistance Army WWII and Guru Bruce Jenkins. Captain Pedro Alvaran was one the real Filipino warriors during WWII that saw many years of combat fighting against the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. He was a great combat leader with excellent communication and organizational skills.

Captain Alvaran and I spent a few days together creating the basic structure of the Moroland Martial Arts system. The Moroland Martial Arts system developed into a life long system that represents the true Filipino warrior’s spirit of combat training for battle. Since the Moroland Martial Arts system is a modern system, my staff and I will continue to add to this system until we pass on to the final warriors resting grounds.

The Moroland Martial Arts system is what Guru Bruce Jenkins considers some of the best parts of each of the nine systems he has studied and any new combat applications that he (or his staff) may acquire from any other martial arts system. The Moroland Martial Arts System is a combat oriented system.

 OKCD extends their welcome to Moroland Martial Arts:

In January 2005, Guru Bruce Jenkins was welcomed to the OKCD dojo by Sensei Ilene Smoger. After teaching Arnis for a few nights, she suggested I start teaching at the OKCD dojo. The rest is OKCD-Moroland Arnis history. The OKCD Arnis class has evolved into another great martial arts training class at the OKCD dojo. 

What does Moroland Mean to the Filipinos?

Moroland means land of the “MORO” people or tribe. The MORO tribe is one of the many ethnic tribes of people living in the Philippines. They are some of the most violent warriors in the history of the Philippines. They have Muslim influences in their culture.

They have fought and continue to fight many battles with their enemies both foreign and domestic.

 What does Moroland Mean to Moroland Martial Arts?

  Moroland means any martial style or country that interacts with the Philippines or the United States. 

 Why was Moroland Martial Arts created?

Moroland Martial Arts was created by it’s founders to give every student a realistic system of self-defense applications and options to use when their time of combat has been chosen for them by their destiny.

Warrior Philosophy:

To be a warrior with the knowledge and spirit of many teachers, you must feel the hearts and spirit of many warriors.

Moroland Warrior Philosophy:

To be a true Moroland warrior with the fighting spirit of the teachers who have bestowed their knowledge upon you, you must appreciate the spirit of the many Moroland warriors who have come before you and have passed their knowledge onto to your teachers.

Giving Thanks to Moroland:

For hundreds of years, Moroland warriors had to defend their families, country and way of life from foreign and domestic invaders. To all of these warriors we owe our gratitude for keeping the many styles of martial alive and growing.

Bruce Jenkins (brought Arnis to OKCD)

Guru Bruce Jenkins is the founder of Moroland Martial Arts (U.S.A.) and co-founder Moroland Martial Arts (Manila Philippines). The Moroland Martial Arts system is a modern system that was developed from a combination of multiple styles including, Arnis, Escrima/Kali, Dumog, Sabot, Wu Ying Tao, Jujitsu, Cane, Silat, Kubaton, etc. 

Guru Jenkins  is a Senior Technical Advisor in the Moroland Martial Arts training system for both Oregon and Texas.  He is a Senior Combat Weapons Instructor with over twenty years martial arts training and teaching experience. He has attained advanced level ranking in multiple styles.

His first martial arts training was brief and started in the Marine Corps Recruit Training Center learning close quarter combat techniques. A few years later he started his serious training in Oregon under Master Rick Johnson and Grand Master Bruce Terell. He has trained with some of the top martial arts instructors in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington).

He is a dedicated life-long martial artist who is married to a Filipino woman and has traveled to the Philippines many times to see family. He incorporates his martial arts knowledge into his teaching to reflect the many different types of styles and weapons and how they were originally used by the  native Filipino and people of surrounding countries to defend themselves.

He teaches beginner through advanced ARNIS sessions. He has plans to start an OKCD Basic/Advanced ARNIS instructor training program in the future.


We are no longer having scheduled classes in Arnis.  Students who want to train in Arnis should talk to Frank Sensei.