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 Photos over the years with O'Sensei, his son and OKCD.


fs1 1

Son and Father 1996

fs2 fs3

Father comments on son's stance!1996




Hanshi with the OKCD yudansha ranks 1996


Hanshi with the OKCD 1996


Hanshi with the OKC Ann Arbor 1999


Naihanchi Sandan


Shimabukuros Eiko and Eizo 1996

gal1 2

Shimabukuros Sensei & Smoger Sensei 1996

gal5 1

Shimabukuros Sensei & Smoger Sensei, Christensen Sensei 1996


Autographs after the test


Michgan camp with O'Sensei 1999


O'Sensei 1984 Ann Arbor, MI.


O'Sensei, Mike Melekian, Ilene J. Smoger, Barbara Christensen and Deb Webb 1984


Barbara Christense with O'Sensei and his wife Ann Arbor, MI.  1984

Okinawa 1995
Sean Deuby Sensei visited Japan on business and flew down to Okinawa for several days to visit
oki hombu11995

Entrance to the hombu dojo (also O'Sensei's house)

oki hombu21995

Front of the house. The small roof in the left foreground is the front door. The second and third floors are open and used for class.

oki interior1995

Interior shot of the formal room. Though this room is set up traditionally, the rest of the house is quite modern.

oki panorama1995

Composite shot from 3rd floor, the "sky dojo". Kanna beach is on the left.

oki shuto11995

Shuto-uke / ryohanchin-dachi lesson on the porch at night. Very rough concrete, both O'Sensei and Sean wore shoes.

oki stature1995

Look at the size difference. Sean is 6' tall. This helps explain why some techniques are more difficult for taller students.

Night workouts were very welcome. September in Okinawa was hot and humid beyond anything Sean had experienced before (including Texas)