Toei Jujutsu

Toei (alternate spelling Toyei) Jujutsu was founded by Hanshi Eizo Shimabukuro10th Dan in Shobayashi Shorin Ryu Karate Do. The basis for Toei is formed from the following basis attacks:

· Same side grab

· Cross hand grab

· Double choke

· Cross hand choke

· Double hand grab (arm)

· Knife attack

· Spear attack

· Bow attack

· Sword attack

· Attacks from Behind

The system utilizes the foundation in Shobayashi Shorin Ryu karate to simulate attacks and respond with multiple defenses to each attack. Toei utilizes pressure points, throws, breaks, locks and pain responses to reach a desired result. Each student will enter the program as a Mid-level rank in our Shorin ryu system to have an effective basis for learning the beginning techniques. Beginning at white belt in Toyei Jujutsu the curriculum follows with the kata in the Shorin Ryu style. As each rank progress the techniques become more and more involved. To reach the rank of Shodan a student must be able to apply all learned material, provide additional new material to our curriculum, and prepare for a 10 minute "randori" session.

Founders of the clubs Toei Jujutsu program are comprises of John Mascio Sensei and Greg Chesley Sensei. Additional ranking members are Sensei Ilene Smoger, Donna Mullett Sensei. The above mentioned instructors all were promoted directly by O'Sensei Eizo Shimabukuro in Okinawa. Our Toei Jujutsu program has also provided rank to:

· Frank Gannon Sensei

· Cody Rogers Sensei

· Stern Smoger-McGee Sensei

  Dylan Stone Sensei

· Lia Wilson Sensei

  Chris Sopithakul Sensei

Our class is held every weekend on Saturday at 9:00 AM.